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No More Bullshit

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Crap Poetry. You're Welcome.
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We don't care about writing well.

No, wait. Read that again. Let it sink in.

Let's face it-Good poetry is shit. Take a college creative writing course, you'll get what we mean. It's all a big competition to see who can write the most like Billy Collins, which means we are ALL the losers.

But wait, there's hope. Welcome to lj crap_poem.

This is a place where you can write total fucking shit poetry, stuff that you would get kicked out of your creative writing class, and have it read by like-minded visionaries. We are the world, but your voice is being shut out by the overlords' cries for quality and truth.

If we wanted quality and truth, we'd watch Al Jazeera.

Fuck that.

This is where GOOD poetry lives. REAL poetry. The kind of stuff that makes you go "ooh." YOU ARE NOT ALONE. YOU ARE GOING TO BE OKAY. YOU WILL MAKE IT OUT ALIVE.

Ground Rules:
1. It has to be better than good.
2. It must be written in one sitting.
3. No Brand Names Taking The Noun Spot allowed.
4. Party Til You Puke.

Get Writing.